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Serenity Sage Smudge Sticks are all created with organic sage and flowers sustainably harvested from my garden in Melrose, MA, hand wrapped with dyed cotton from India.

Smudging is an ancient tradition used by many cultures to clear out negative energy and manifest the energy you desire. It can also removes bacteria from the air and can even elevate serotonin which balances mood and helps with sleep.

Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body. Below are descriptions of the 7 chakras in the body and the corresponding color which is shown on these 7 chakra smudge sticks.

Root (1st) — Base of the spine; red; governs survival instincts, grounding.
Sacral (2nd) — Lower abdomen; orange; governs sexuality, intuition, self-worth/-esteem.
Solar Plexus (3rd) — Upper abdomen; yellow; governs impulse control, ego.
Heart (4th) — Center of the chest; green; governs compassion, spirituality.
Throat (5th) — Throat; blue; governs communication, emotion.
Third Eye (6th) — Between the eyes; purple; governs rationality, wisdom, imagination.
Crown (7th) — Top of the head; indigo; governs connection with the Divine.


*Never leave a burning wand unattended.

Listing is for one bundle that is approximately 6 inches long and 1.5 inches thick

Serenity Sage offers personalized labeling for bulk orders, shower favors, thank you gifts etc.

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7 Chakra Rainbow Smudge Sticks

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