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Laura Degelmann

Sound Healing 🪷I am privileged to have begun my sound healing journey in 2022. When I discovered sound healing, it truly changed my life and I immediately wanted to extend that experience to others. For me, sound healing is the perfect combination of many things I love in my life- science, spiritualism, music, and healing. Since becoming a certified sound healer, I have been honored to bring this amazing healing experience to others. I appreciate your trust and willingness to discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits sound healing can offer. Many blessings to you all!

Yoga Instructor 🪷 

Yoga has taught me to appreciate the body that I'm in and to treat myself with grace and kindness. Growing up, I was never the athletic type. I struggled with my weight and in turn my confidence. In 2001, I started working out, weight training, cardio, anything to get my heart rate up. I loved the rush I got but found that a lot of it was triggering pain in an old injury in my back. One day, I stuck around after a cardio class and took yoga. I felt incredible. I started to practice more and more, trying various teachers and styles. I was getting stronger and at the same time, getting calmer. Yoga made me feel comfortable in my body in a way I had never felt. It changed my outlook on life in general and has allowed me to become a more optimistic person.

In 2008, I completed the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training with Natasha Rizopolous and began teaching immediately. I spent 10 years teaching yoga full time in various schools, gyms and yoga studios. I love seeing the changes in people, both adults and children, as they deepen their yoga practice. I have always loved the sense of community that comes with yoga. I pride myself on creating an inclusive space where students of all skill levels and abilities can thrive

These days, I can often be found creating, whether it be drawing, sewing, baking, gardening or delving into some creative endeavor with my husband and two young boys.  

Class Schedule, Registration and Pricing Here

Becky Small

Larry Clifford

Yoga Instructor 🪷 

My name is Larry.


As a young man I found myself energetic, excitable and passionate, but unfocused and often frusturated by the frictions of everyday life. I found yoga in college and realized a natural affinity for the poses, inward focus and movement, but did not develop a serious practice until after my first child was conceived and I began teacher training in 2012. With this new focus on teaching, I attended Yandara Yoga's 200 hour Hatha training in Mexico and returned with the basic tools of a teacher.

After a few years of teaching and additional training, I significantly expanded my skills with a 300 hour continuing teacher training at The Arlington Center under Daniel Orlansky, where I familiarized myself with several highly effective methodologies and teaching styles. It was here that I discovered Yin Yoga, during an intensive workshop run by Josh Summers, one of the foremost proponents of Yin practice in the world. His material resonated with me, and led me to focus on Yin practices and integration of Yin into Yang practices.

After pursuing further education in Summers' Yin Yoga 200 hour certification, I have spent years developing and cultivating many sequences for life's different demands.  Come take a load off, or at least find a more sustainable way to bear it!

Register here for Sunday & Monday classes 6-7:15pm

Kate Estrop

Crafty Creatures Instructor 🪷 

As a crafty creature from the start, Kate Estrop has always been poking around outside and making art. After undergrad, they journeyed from the Midwest to study creative writing, and after a short career in college teaching they swerved to the visual arts. The past four years has also introduced them to bird watching and watching bugs through a macro lens. 


In Kate's animal art classes for kids, they share this enthusiasm for the natural world by taking the students to nearby parks, making art with foraged items (as the season permits), and sharing facts about the animals and their habitats. 


When Kate's not in Melrose leading a group of elementary students to Ell Pond or stopping at Bohemian for a muffin, they can be found drawing friendly creatures in Somerville with their two black cats, Max and Puck. Register for Kate's class here: Crafty Creatures Registration

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